The “2016 China Cyberspace Security (Shanghai) Forum”summarize

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China
till now, the national cyber security and information construction has achieved
remarkable results under President Xi’s guide. Network power strategy is fully
implemented, the network and telecom business which aims to serve the people
has rapid development, the network space independent innovation capabilities
continue to improve, and the process of network space law has proceeded
rapidly. President Xi raised the “Four Principle” of promoting global internet
management system reform and “Five opinion” of constructing the network space
destiny community. 


This won the majority of the world's countries’ agreement. China's
construction and development practice in cyberspace and the concept of peace,
security, openness and cooperation are becoming the basic principles of leading
the development trend of the world network and the survival and development of
human being in the network environment. China has become a big country, but it
is not a network powerful country yet , the challenges of network security is
increasingly severe, the task is increasingly tough, has become a matter of
national security major issues. President Xi emphasize that “No cyber security,
no national security.” This means that the cyber security and information
construction has risen to the height of the national security strategy, but
also means that the field is facing a major opportunity to leapfrog development.

The “2016 China Cyberspace Security (Shanghai) Forum” entitled “To promote the
construction of network security from national security strategy “. The forum
took combating crime, preventing network fraud and strengthening network
security as foothold. For network finance, car networking, cloud calculation,
big data, network identity management, cyber security etc. these kinds of hot
and advanced topics, and development trend of information security gains
forecast through keynote speeches, forums, round table exchange, technology
competition, the results show and hackers shows and other forms of in-depth
exchanges. The Deputy Director of the Central Network Information Office
Network Security Coordination Bureau, Li Yu Xiao, Ministry of the Third
Research Institute Of The Ministry Of Public Security, Hu Chuan Ping, director
of APMEN, Liu Ya Dong, director of Shanghai Safety Protection Center, Liu Xiao
Chuan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor He Ji Feng of
software college of East China Normal University. All these people mentioned
above have participated and done a speech.

Hu Xiaosaid, With the popularization and application of cloud computing,
big data, mobile Internet and other new technologies in the past decentralized
systems, getting together more and more, interdependent system boundaries
become increasingly blurred. Meanwhile, means of cyber security threats and
attacks are constantly changing. Under this kind of situation, the previous
kind of traditional, static, isolated, unilateral ways and means of prevention
and control, it has been difficult to adapt to the current development of the
new situation. Currently, We should further strengthen top-level design and
cyber security co-ordination, to establish a holistic, dynamic, comprehensive
prevention and control concept, accelerate the construction of critical
information infrastructure security system, science, active, effective
preparedness and response, changing network security risk.


Li Yu Xiaoraised, cyber security prevention and
control capability is weak, it is difficult to effectively deal with the
proliferation of network security technology, bringing high strength of
organized cybercrime attacks, resulting in the nation's critical
infrastructures face greater potential risks, it is a worldwide problem.
Globally, the network security game between the powerful countries are becoming
more and more obvious, and present the trend of normalization. At the same
time, the fragmentation of the network space and the network of the data are
intertwined, but also brings challenge to the human network space governance
capabilities. Under this international environment, Chinese cyberspace security
needs to strengthen its defense capability of network security and management
capabilities, while strengthening cooperation with other regions and countries.
This requires implemented in various levels of the network, data, network
behavior of security cooperation with other countries, but also need to
effectively deploy network increasing strength and strategy to promote
international security and stability on the basis of cyberspace, to strengthen
basic research, the core independent capacity-building technology, innovation
and other aspects of the application, so that we can in the Internet age to
control our own destiny. In addition, China's "Cyber security law" is
being consulted, the first draft of "e-commerce law" has been
completed, "Regulations on the Protection of Minors" draft has been
completed. Legalization of cyberspace will be the cornerstone of building the
network system of social development.


He Ji Fengsuggested, we should pay attention to
safety problems of industrial control systems from the national strategic
level. In the context of Industry 4.0, many countries have to promote the
integration of industrial technology and information technology, so as China.
This fusion will naturally produce new technology, promoting technological
innovation, and also stimulate the birth of a new format industrial
electronics, industrial software, industrial and information service, but at
the same time also raised safety issues of new industrial control systems.
China should attach great importance to information security issues when they
promote the "two of integration" strategy, particularly some
important industry sectors’ information security issues related to national
infrastructure, such as electricity, water, oil and gas, transportation and
other fields. He said that on the enterprise point of view, there are at least
two types of security threats deserves attention: The first is the threat
associated with the system. This is mainly caused by a software vulnerability,
for example, an attacker can use software vulnerabilities to propagate its OE
code and cause the system to chaos. The second type is the threat associated
with the process. Such as the control system of the chemical enterprises,
process control, during the process of production it may be attacked, including
the threats which have impacts to the field device access control, as well as
the threat to the center console.

Executive Director of the Forum Organizing Committee, vice chairman of Shanghai
Information Network Security Management Association Chen Biao proposed that, as
information networks shift from virtual space to physical space, cyberspace has
increasingly become an important lifeline of the national economy and national
security, which the national scientific and technological innovation has put
forward new demands. Currently, the Shanghai Branch is committed to creating
centers with global influence, the Forum held in Shanghai, also hope to promote
Shanghai to become a network security research field, especially in the city
elements gathering. The Forum also released ten results of major Chinese
cyberspace security as below, Comma Technology’s low resolution face
recognition system, Sinotran’s cross-border logistics safety achievements, the
Third Research Institute of the Ministry Of public Security ‘s citizen’s
network service system of identity construction etc. The forum is held by the
Network Security Coordination Bureau, the Third Research Institute of the
Ministry Of public Security, APMEN, Shanghai Electronic Port Construction Joint
Conference Office and Shanghai Safety Protection Center together. Expert
scholars from the field of cyber Security and the representatives of
practitioners attended. Forum has been held for the six times, the
participation of enterprises and organizations amounted to more than 200 till
now, more than 100 academicians and experts have presented a speech.


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